Earlier, in March, I made my first trip to Newcastle (Trillians) to cover Mearfest , a NINE band NWOBHM Festival.

Spare batteries charged, I was pleased to have remembered to bring the 35mm f1.2, as the size of the stage and the proximity of the band to your face made it the go to lens for the day.

The lighting was strong and often changed between white, red and green, so it was a three colour film simulation bracket with the Yellow and Green B&W modes. This meant that at least one of the Black and White shots came out reasonably well.

Low resolution photos, in no particular order, here. The bands were Damaj, The Deep, The Clan, The Filth Hounds, Millenium, Mandora, Spartan Warrior, Tysondog and Avenger.

More photos can be seen here

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